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Copier Rentals Like Nobody Else

Whether you call it a lease, rental or contract, Digicor people can help by giving you more term options.  We offer all of the following for your consideration:

  1. Weekly, monthly and yearly copier, printer and scanner rentals.   Do you need an all in one copy, print, scan, fax systems or just something simple? In Tampa Bay we have it all,  with all inclusive service plans included.
  2. Leasing for one year up to 63 months to match your budget and preferred time frame.
  3. Short Term Rentals of laser printers, desktop printers and high speed color copiers.
  4. Rent to Own without the long term obligation. Leasing has its disadvantages, so renting may be the solution – the more flexible all in one advantage.


Document Scanners Scanners, like copiers, come in all shapes an sizes.  Sometimes, a

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Lease Finance Options For Your Copier And Other Office Equipment Needs Copier Leasing

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Owning certain kinds of equipment can prove to be a financial burden for many, no matter how useful that equipment is. There are supply costs and fees for maintenance that can become harder to manage over a long period of time. And a copy machine is one of the best examples of such equipment. In that case, a month to month copier printer rental, copier rental, and scanner rentals in Tampa prove to be a better and smarter alternative.

Another scenario when such monthly copier rental service comes handy is when a business is hoping to obtain a copier lease or replace the existing one. In order to keep it under a certain budget, it is a great idea to opt for refurbished copiers in Tampa or used copier for sale in Tampa. That helps in cutting down the overall expense while reducing the amount of damage that might be done to the environment. Most of all, it helps reduce wasting of resources. In addition to relaxing your budgeting concerns and waste issues, copier leasing can also provide a distinct tax advantage over buying a copy machine.

Finally, the third advantage of leasing a copier, printer or scanner is the fact that the value of technology always depreciates over time. So, if you purchase one of the machines, you can upgrade it only after investing in a new one. On the other hand, leasing it gives you the freedom to be flexible all the time and replace it whenever you want to or whenever the need arises.

At Digicor, you can browse through the best brands for getting the best copier rentals in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. If you already own a copier that needs fixing, you can turn to the expert copy machine repair service, or copier maintenance service and printer repair service in Tampa to keep your machine running in the optimum condition.