Used equipment has always been a lower cost alternative for copier and printer customers.  However, the quality was not always the best in older technology.  The earlier digital printers (copiers) simply didn’t perform consistently well or work when you needed them most.  Fast forward several years and the printers are amazing.

5 Ways Quality Improvements Have Made Refurbished Printers a Better Value Well Worth Considering

  1. Multi-functional Copy Print Scan Fax machines have been the standard for at least 7 years.  So, you can lease or purchase an older machine and still get the features you need today.  In other words, the technology you can buy that’s say, 3 or 4 years old is much more comparable to today’s state of the art gear.
  2. Lower failure rate. The equipment of the past 7 years is much more reliable. If you’ve been around long enough to have used copier printers from 10 years ago, you may have vivid memories of constant service calls. I used to require more personnel resources to handle a smaller customer base. I’ll tell you why, the equipment used to break much more frequently.  So, if you buy or lease something from 3 or 4 years ago in good condition, you’re getting reliable technology
  3. Huge number of options exist. You may ask, how is that a result of quality improvements that have made refurbished printers a better value worth considering.  here’s how;  As the technology improved, manufacturers produced more choices, broader product lines and more feature rich printer models. More options means lower costs and better selection.

    New Printers are more disposable and less durable

  4. Today’s Printers may not be as good, actually.  That’s right, many of the machines made a few years ago were built to last and today’s replacements are frequently made flimsily.  The industry reached maturity perhaps 7 years ago, making advancements in printers limited, with many replacement models.  In fact, many of the product line replacements seem to have taken a backwards step.  That makes some of the printers from a few years ago, a more attractive refurbished value.
  5. You can get more financing options today.  Refurbished printers are much more widely accepted by leasing companies than ever before.  I recall 10 years ago, lease opportunities were much less flexible and with fewer companies offering financing for refurbished equipment.  Even when they did, the rates were higher.  Today, that’s not the case.

Summary of 5 Ways Quality Improvements Have Made Refurbished Printers a Better Value

Quality improvements have slowed down on the new printers, making some legacy models a better refurbished value.

The features that are popular on all of the new mulfi-functional printers were available and are less costly to obtain on refurbished equipment.

The financing options you have available on refurbished printers is nearly the same as what you can expect on brand new printers, with the exception of a shorter term requirement.  But, do you want to lease a printer for 5 years anyway?

You can get extremely high quality, reliable equipment at a bargain rate by choosing a 2, 3 or 4 year old model. There’s more choices than their has ever been for very affordable, high quality multi-functional refurbished printers that print, scan, copy, fax and make beautiful full color marketing materials.

Digicor Offers lots of options for Refurbished Printers in Tampa Bay

Consider my team at Digicor to help you determine what will work best.  Please call if you have any questions on this post or about our offerings.  I’ll happily chat with you about your specific thoughts.   (813)901-5666.  Eric Klee.







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