Choosing Copier Printer for Business

When you have the right Copier Printer for your business, it will drastically improve the way your company operates. With the right Copier Printer, your employees will spend less time copying or printing, and more time doing more effective tasks

Choosing Copier Printer for your business, ask yourself these questions:

First: Choosing  copier printer – What will the Copier Printer be used for?

First make a list. Many businesses use their copy machines for copying, scanning, faxing, printing, folding, and stapling.  All In One Networked Systems. The idea is to automate and allow your employees to do other important tasks.

Second: Choosing copier printer for business – How much volume is printed every month?

So, how much are you using your Copier Printer? Are you printing off thousands of documents, or are you only printing a couple pages each day? How many employees are using the copier to print documents? Higher-end Copiers Printers typically handle volume better than lower-end varieties.

Third: Choosing copier printer for business- How fast do we need to Copy Print in order to keep up with the demand?

If you’ve ever noticed a line forming at your Copier Printer, or people complaining about how long it takes to print something, then your Copier Printer is not printing enough pages-per-minute to keep up with your office’s demand. Or, your machine may be tied up producing a large, complicated print project. Are the machines backed up? If so, they either need to Copy Print faster, or you need to add additional Copy Print machines to your fleet.

Forth: Choosing copier printer for business- How many Copier Printer machines are needed?

Many factors need to be considered when you’re determining how many machines your business needs.  First, look at the volume. How much are you printing? Next, consider the number of employees that need to use the printer on a regular basis. Finally, think about the layout of your office. Specifically, how far does each employee have to go to get to the nearest printer? If they have to wander through a maze of cubicles or go to another floor in your building, the device may be too far away and your employees’ time is being wasted.

Fifth: Choosing copier printer for business – What are we spending currently?

Make a list of every type of cost associated with your current Copier Printer. Are you spending money on repairs? What do your supplies cost like toner, paper, staples, etc.? Is there a monthly service fee? How much is it costing you to print documents? (Check your paper overage costs for both black and white and color). Just be sure to factor in supplies, paper and toner, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

Lastly: Choosing copier printer for business – Can I pick the right business Copier Printer?

Fortunately, DIGICOR can help you with this information. Once we have the data, we can assist you through the process of figuring out how to analyze that data and translate it into answers. Once you have the answers, choosing Copier Printer for business is simple.

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