Color Copier Color Printer Refurbished


 Our factory trained Color Copier refurbishing technicians evaluate the equipment to identify any possible worn parts and or malfunctions. Through our detailed inspection process we identify models that are worthy of our refurbishing program. Once the machine has been selected worthy, we begin taking the machine apart and thoroughly cleaning every part of the machine inside and out.

Most rubber components are replaced. Feed tires must be in perfect condition to be certified through our refurbishing program. This is important to restore copy feeding to it’s original function reliably.  The components are disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.  Cleaning is critical if a copier is to operate flawlessly.  In fact, cleaning is stressed as a major part of any service call.  Through the cleaning process, other parts can be closely inspected and analyzed for wear.  This process is where other companies fail to execute, because it is painstaking and tedious work.   Once defective and worn parts are clearly identified and lined up for replacement, the reassembly begins.  Generally, a low mileage color copier color printer refurbished completely will take 4-8 hours.  Bear in mind, this is not a warn machine.  This would be analogous to taking a car with 33,000 miles and restoring it to the level that a new customer would expect.  For example, Digicor, Inc. would not ever purchase a copier for refurbishing that had been used hard for 3 years.  It would be cost prohibitive to do so, and the final product would not meet our standards of reliability.  Finally, after the replaced parts and reassembled components are installed and adjusted, basic testing of all the functions begins.

If a refurbished color copier leaves our facility, it’s passed  high standards of output testing.

Once the system is back together,  our techicians begin a multi-step testing procedure that includes; print quality (copy and scan quality if applicable), consistency, smoothness of operation and a detailed visual inspection.

Our factory trained Color Printer Refurbished technicians are meticulous about this process.  If a squeak is noticed or an imperfection in the output of a test pattern is observed, the process is backtracked and parts are disassembled again.   Until we cannot make a machine foul up, it will not pass our scrutiny and certify.   The Digicor technician understands the mandate to make the refurbished machine appear as new in every way.

Every Color Copier looks new and performs like a new one would

Our customers get 35-65% off new discounted prices. All of our refurbished Color Copier are protected by a full onsite parts and labor warranty.  Most importantly, each one of our refurbished models is lease eligible.  All will go under service contract.  We guarantee the function of each machine we put out to operate fully for a minimum of 3 years.   That’s huge when business is on the line.  We know how important the functions of a modern copier are.  It’s so much more than copying.  Businesses depend on our equipment to run the office.

If you are in need of a Color Printer you may want to consider our refurbished quality factory trained equipment before paying top dollar for new.  We also carry new and Digicor will give you the best option specific to your needs.  Everyone is different when it comes to printing with Color Copy. The number of pages you use per week, per month, per year should help with finding the best quality refurbished color copier color printer that will last for years to come. Digicor extends the quality our factory trained technicians to the front office. We want you to feel we found you the best equipment for your specific needs.  It is important to our whole staff that what we offer we stand behind. Digicor service is Like No Other.  We want to make you happy and keep you happy from the first time we meet and each and every visit or call we make.

Color Imaging Color Copier Color Printer Refurbished
Color Imaging Color Copier Color Printer Refurbished

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