Color copiers can be affordable for small businesses

Why we need color and how it relates to business

From websites to handouts, marketing material, proposals and business flyers, color is in everything that makes an impact on us.  Think about it. Black and white is practical, but not for pages designed to leave an impression.  For lawyers, ecologists, forensics and others needing real life color exhibits and recreations, color copiers and printers are a much needed resource.   For anybody with a sales department, color greatly enhances proposals and price sheets. Basically, if material is anything more than policy, invoice copies, records, shipping forms and trivial data, it begs to be printed in color.  Even an otherwise boring read, may be anticipated if it contains exciting color pictures and tables. Color motivates people. An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.  Adding color can and does bring things and people to life.

Ecological Consultants, Inc. is a Tampa based business and customer of ours since the beginning. In fact, they were our first customer when our business opened in 2000. Ecological consultants maintains and develops wetlands and other areas impacted by business.  They use their Digicor leased color copier, all-in-one system for many business purposes.  By duplicating, printing and scanning important photographic research, Dr. Richardson is able to pass accurate picture perfect data to government agencies.   Without a digital color copier, accurate images and colors of the fauna would not be possible. The accuracy is important because certain characteristics of growth, health and maturity can only be seen if the color and other details of the subject is spot on and visible.   The very nature of ECIs business depends on it.  In fact, the environment is improved because of the work that Ecological Consultants is able to do, enabled by the quality of our color copiers.   Regardless what business a person is in, I can show them how to improve their self image, marketing, workflow and increase availability, by having their own leased, purchased or rented digital color copier from Digicor, based in Odessa, Fl.

Color copiers can be affordable with proper selection. The key is to determine what you want to do with color.  For instance, some commercial pages are printed on printing presses.  These presses are made for large runs of thousands at a time. They also produce magazine quality, glossy images that can’t be done on a color copier printer.  Be realistic. I can’t make a professional magazine on a color copier. They simply  aren’t designed with that technology, but a printing press is.  Why? A color copier uses dry toner and a digital photographic process.  A printing press uses dense inks and an offset transfer process.  So, the two technologies are much different.   That means that either the expectation is adapted or the process designed for the job is used for the appropriate situation.   In the past 15 years, digital color copiers have improved substantially. There are many things that can now be made on an in office color copier, that were once exclusive to the printing press. Some examples of these are:

  • Marketing flyers – pieces that may be on glossy paper, but with less shiny output
  • Proposals – these can be done beautifully on color copier printers and at lower cost than  color laser printers
  • manuals – employee manuals can be printed on demand from a color copier.  It represents a huge savings if you can assemble them yourself.
  • Hand outs – Complete with product jpegs and PDFs, color handouts are much more effective and can be made at low cost per page.
  • Business cards – I prefer to have business cards made on a printing press, however, temporary cards made on a color copier look great

So, how much does it cost to make 100 flyers on a color copier?
Digicor has rates as low as .059 per page for color pages. That rate is very competitive. That charge includes maintenance, toner, parts and service calls on your machine. 100 flyers would cost $5.90 for cost per copy charges. You supply your own choice of paper. That could be glossy, semi gloss, bond paper or good ol’ copy paper. Recognize, this charge covers all repairs to the equipment, supplies, toner….everything except paper and labor. Naturally, you still have to have the machine to benefit from these low rates.

 How much does a color copier cost?

It’s important to clarify that this post focuses on commercial color copiers.  We are not referring to color equipment sold at Office Depot or Staples.   Those products are very cheap to buy, but very expensive to supply.   They are also referred to as home office or small office copiers.  In reality, they are best used for occasional needs, do to their high cost of supplies.  Many small offices start out with the Office Depot or Staples variety of equipment, to find they make a nice garage sale item in just a few months.  On the other hand, if your usage is only a few hundred pages each month, you may be a good fit for some of these machines.  Just be prepared to shell out several hundred dollars each time you go shopping for print cartridges.  Also, realize the yield is not very high.  Remember, these are cheap machines designed for convenience and affordability to the casual business user.  The yield is based on only 5% of the page having toner coverage with the low end models.  It’s really not fair to compare these to commercial grade machines, not that anybody would do that.  Hint:  I’ve seen people spend hundreds of dollars every month trying to run a law practice with these.

A brand new color copier or refurbished on is available from Digicor.  You can view our inventory here.   Generally, full size commercial color copiers start around $6000.00 deeply discounted.  These models are usually around 20 pages per minute copying and printing.  They typically scan around 40 pages per minute for digital imaging or emailing your documents.  Of course, there are smaller format models and pseudo commercial models.  Then, there is refurbished models that represent a great savings. There is lease options, rental options.  If a color copier is something you want, you can get one affordably.  Regardless of your budget, its easy to make a bad choice when it comes to getting the right color copier printer to do the job.  There are just too many variables for the non copier professional to consider.   Cost is important, but having the right tool to do the job you expect is much more important.   You can spend $15,000 and get the wrong tool.  Just as you can spend $1000.00 and get something that is perfect for what you have in mind.  The key is to do research and take advice from people who know.   A referring friend or ally with similar needs can be beneficial.  A professional that puts your interest ahead of everything else, is invaluable yet uncommon.

The importance of knowing what you can realistically expect from a specific technology, cannot be overstated.  Color copiers are no different. Trade shows may be helpful in letting you see what the capabilities are.  Your local copier professional may assist you in determining what you need and what will be best for you, your business and your desired outcome.   My advice is to shop around.  If you are in the greater Tampa Bay area, Digicor, inc. is a small, long established color copier dealer with many options.   With a team of dedicated professionals and many years of experience, a representative from Digicor will be able to give you some guidance, asking you the appropriate questions.










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