4 of the Most Common Copier Lease Complaints

A Copier lease is wrought with pitfalls, from the time it starts up until its termination.  Most of the copier lease complaints arise from poor customer service, that has nothing to do with the actual lease.  Other complaints are a result of over enthusiastic sales people making false statements.  But, can you always blame the sales person for telling you everything would be great?   After all, that’s their job isn’t it?  Perhaps, the best time to learn the truth is before you sign the lease, not after.  Certainly, its a lot less painful that way.

As a best practice, don’t assume the sales person is telling you the truth.  Its cynical, that’s true.  However, its best to learn the answers from an uninterested source.  That is, assuming you want the truth.   Don’t be one of those customers who won’t verify information because you don’t have the time.  The truth is, you can’t afford to not learn what’s real and what’s hogwash.

That’s Not What the Salesman Told Me – #1 complaint that encompasses the rest

Don’t mistake charisma and charm for integrity and forthrightness.  People, especially sales people, rarely have those four characteristics simultaneously.   So, how do you keep from espousing the #1 most common copier lease complaints in the future?   It’s simple;  do your homework.   In an hour of reading, you can know a lot about equipment leasing.  Go to http://lesseesadvocate.com  and read any three of the articles.  I guarantee you will learn some things about leasing you didn’t know.  Even if you’re the slowest reader, in an hour you will be exposed to more valuable information about equipment leasing than a full 90% of business people will ever know.  The other 10% either learned the hard way, through a bad leasing experience or also read the same information as I’m directing you to read.

You do want to know the truth don’t you?  The truths about leasing are much less attractive than the sales persons’ versions, I assure you.  Unfortunately, many otherwise smart people find it easier to accept the most attractive fantasy than to avail their minds to the harsh reality.   My own direct experiences with future leasing customers (lessees) have illustrated this sad phenomenon time and time again.  Its in our makeup to see things on the bright side. However, your optimism should also keep you safe, shouldn’t it.  Well, lets see; sales people are generally highly optimistic.  Does that keep them from bending the truth to make a sale?   On the other hand, do you want to be at the business end of that optimistic sales person’s half truths?

Terrible Technical Service – Waiting 3 Days Makes Me Weary – #2 complaint

So, you don’t get same day service?  I thought there was a four hour guarantee.  I mean, the sales gal said its 4 hours, “GUARANTEED“.   I’m sorry you have to wait, but then, I bet you’ve heard that one a few times recently.  This complaint falls inline with #1, doesn’t it?  The expectations for service were set win the hot sales chickee exclaimed, “Oh my God, our service is amazing!”   That may have been the first clue, but that’s a tough one. The fact is, good service is getting harder to find, in spite of the higher value placed on individual customers and shrinking markets.   You really can’t see poor service coming if the sales person apparently has it going on. Yet its among the most common copier lease complaints.

How about we check some referrals?  I’m not sure anybody takes time to do that anymore, but it makes sense.  The fact that nobody worth anything will give you a bad referral, means if somebody does, they really are worth crap.  Think about it.   I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been told, “here is a list of my customers, check me out”, only to discover that some of the people didn’t sing a song about the merchant.   That’s an ironic, yet good thing to know when you want to know about someone’s service.

Equipment is Worn Out – I Still Have to Pay the Lease – #3 complaint

I bet not one sales person will tell you that you have to pay, even when the equipment doesn’t work. I’ll stake my long and good reputation on it.  Fair enough?  Go and ask 10 sale people what happens if the copier doesn’t work?   They will tell you anything, but they won’t say “you’ve got to pay for it.”  However, that’s the truth and its what I tell my customers. Sure, I explain that we will swap the equipment, and we will.  But, it is a fact that you have to pay the equipment lease.  Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger here.   Read your lease and you’ll find a clause about implied or expressed warranties.    The lease guarantees nothing in terms of longevity or long term function.  The sales dealer is responsible to you, but that isn’t the same as the leasing company in a capital (finance) lease.   Read the 4th paragraph down in the linked article.  You’ll see what I mean.

This is especially confusing because the service is frequently included in with the lease.  Notice that I said “said in with the lease”, not “in the lease”, in order to distinguish between the service being a part of the lease and the service just being billed with the lease. The latter is the case with bundled service leases  Read this case of a bundled service lease that went awry and you will have an understanding of how ugly it can get.

Pay for Equipment that I’m not Keeping – Lease Upgrade – #4 complaint

The #4 complaint sometimes brings up the words, “I’ll Sue”.  Up until this point, you feel.  The rep said they were going to replace the equipment and you were ready for it.  If you don’t find the first three complaints quite painful, this one’s going to hurt a bit.   When the dealer brought the new equipment, they told you or let you believe they were just doing the right thing, didn’t they?  However,  they gave you a new lease to sign that was more expensive than the old one, which was fine. In fact, they promised the first one would work, didn’t they?  Subsequently, the sales lady explained to you how buyouts work.  So much for honesty.

About the Author – Eric Klee

I’ve got 22 years under my belt as owner of my own copier business and now I write about everything I’ve learned, to help you.   I believe an educated customer is a better customer, and is less of a pain in the ass down the road.  Some actually become friends.  Others may not appreciate the truth, but I write for the ones who do.  My other website, http://lesseesadvocate.com is strictly an informational site.  Copierprinter.com is my copier dealer site, but it too doubles as my outlet for candid writing.

Please feel free to contact me, if you need help and are in Tampa Bay, with questions about anything copier printer related.  It’s my money making business, whereas lesseesadvocate is a mere outlet at this point.  I want it to be much more, so I am promoting it here to get readers.

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