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Convention digital imaging rental is, in itself, an industry. Specifically, supporting convention operators, meeting professionals and audio visual companies with digital print imaging devices, is huge. The convention and seminar industry requires focus marketing and dedicated people to nurture relationships, earn trust and ultimately achieve additional rental placements. It’s not enough to target internet browsing customers, if you want to really be heavily involved.  In order to succeed and help the people that need copiers, printers, scanners, with local service, it is necessary to reach out to people and create alliances.

Dedicated People make the difference in creating alliances

Digicor, Inc., a Tampa Bay, Florida convention rental services company, recently appointed Letti Underhill to drive marketing efforts to grow the Convention rental services business on a local basis. Letti has the professional background and experience to really make a difference for our local guests to the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa area hotels and meeting places. She will focus her talents on meeting and connecting people to Digicor, Inc. We see Letti as an ally to our customers and advocate for local service awareness.
Convention Rental is among our service growth targets.  There are few local copier rental companies to compete with in Tampa Bay, an astounding fact considering the size of our market.  Copier companies willing and interested in providing temporary equipment rentals has historically been small.  The situation is pretty much the same currently.  This is likely due to dealers making a choice between long term, ongoing, forecastable business versus short term, less recurring sources of income, such as convention rental.   This lack of interest from local dealers creates an opportunity for those, such as Digicor, Inc., whose people enjoy providing for short term copier rental needs and provide full service printer scanner rentals on a 3 day, weekly rental, or montly basis.  Using big name brands such as Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard (HP), our Tampa short term printer and copier customers have consisted of some world renowned sporting events, industry giants, national political campaigns, Fortune 500 executive meetings and private events to mention just a few categories we’ve served.
the importance of direct contact marketing has never been greater than today. Letti Underhill has recently joined our Team.  Letti’s efforts will pay off in connecting people to our services. Her efforts to create awareness of our all inclusive convention copier printer rental services will undoubtedly raise awareness of our presence and increase our weekly copier rental business. Thus far, Letti is making great strides to put Digicor, Inc. on the radar of the audio visual contacts and hotel staff that are in a position to make recommendations and place rentals for events and short term needs.


Marketing For Copier Customers

The copier business, like so many businesses, has evolved and matured over the past 30 years. So, marketing takes a different approach.  Email communication and information, websites and social media are huge tools at promoting a company’s offerings and creating awareness.  Yet, for the localized dealer, face to face contact is still important to gaining customer trust and differentiating ourselves from other alternatives.  There is something special that happens when people connect face to face and share ideas and a smile, that is lacking in the absence of personal contact.

The cold call is still the best way for a sales organization to locally connect with people and gain customers. There is nothing new about hot knocking for prospects, walking and talking, or whatever label one puts on cold calling.  Rejection is the primary reason most sales people don’t like it, but that is one reason it takes a special type of personality to be successful in direct sales. If you want to make money in a local market, such as Tampa, or anyplace USA, take any in demand business product at a fair price and go make sales calls with an A+ attitude.  If you see talk to enough people, you can’t fail.   The cold call, or warm call, is just one approach, but it is the most important tool in a sales professional’s toolbox. From a customer’s perspective, a cold call is obtrusive.  However, when greeted with a warm smile, a well thought out, brief introduction and confidence and an idea worth hearing about, the customer can benefit from the meeting.  Many long term business relationships start out with a cold call. In marketing and in life we are not remembered by our many small failures (rejections). Rather, it is the larger successful relationships, positive influences and winning record we achieve that defines our values and becomes our legacy.


We rely on you, our customers and potential customers to tell us what you want, so we an help you.
Customers are much more in tune with what they need, but stll want and need a company they can rely on to provide assistance, tools and products to meet those needs cost effectively. Good service is hard to find. Great service
is truly difficult. Digicor wants prospective customers to know that we want to provide great service, just as we have for our Tampa Bay customers, visiting event guests for nearly two decades. Tell us what you would make your copier printer experience a better one.

If you want Digicor to help you with your convention copier rental needs, give us a call or contact us using the form below. If you happen to wind up on this page and simply need a copier professional to answer questions, please fill out the form below or call us at 813-901-5666 and we will do our best to make your contact worth while.

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