You Don’t Want to End Up in Copier Hell!

It’s a very real place to some.  You can have the best intentions and wind up there.  Seriously, most people who exist in copier hell are good people. In fact, many see only the bright side of things and scoff at the notion that copier hell exists.  Yet, its all too real and may be where you will end up if you don’t know, understand and believe the truth.

Here’s The Truth (you need to know) To Avoid Going to Copier Hell

Leasing a Copier is permanent and non-cancellable for any reason.   Anything else you’re told is a lie. Read the lease if you don’t believe it.  The lease is true religion. Get some.  NON-CANCELLATION is the gospel of leasing. Let that sink in and be saved.

A longer lease may send you straight to copier hell.  Do you want to know why? Because I like you more than my competitiors, I’m going to tell you….. There are no guarantees that says the copier (or any equipment) will last for the entire lease.  Then, why would a company offer it? You ask.   Because they are allowed.  Because you are the one to pay for it. Because they are paid on commission. Mostly, its because if you ask you shall receive.  If you want a lower payment, you simply extend the lease term.

It’s simple math. You get a lower payment and get the same equipment cheaper, right?  Not, at all.  Although your payment is less, you will pay more over time.  But, most importantly, you risk having the lease payment outlast the copier.  That doesn’t make sense now, does it?

Suppose three years into a five year lease, you decide its time to change the equipment.  That’s just fine if you are ok with rolling the balance of payments into the next lease and then adding some remarketing fee to the new lease for the old equipment.   If you go this route, you will pay more for both the old lease and the new lease than you have to.

Reduce the Lease Term or Rent Month by Month

What it comes down to is pay more now, or pay much more later.  While it is true that higher payments aren’t so comfortable, you have to ask yourself whether you want to go to copier hell.  Copier hell is a place where the copier never works because its worn out before its time.  In other words, the lease isn’t near the end and the copier is a real piece of junk.   You can easily avoid such a place and here’s how:

Lease the copier for three or four years instead of 60 or 63 months.  The sooner, the lease ends, the sooner you can get a new one.

Opt for a month by month copier rental.  These offerings are not common, but they are possible and make sense instead of leasing.   The key is to make sure the rental isn’t just a lease in disguise.  You can determine this by looking for the following phrases in no particular order:

  • Cancelable with 30 days advance notice
  • Month to month rental
  • No minimum term required
  • May be terminated at any time with written notice

Note, that you will never see any one of these phrases contained in a lease document.   Mostly, small dealers, not large dealers like Dex Imaging or Company offices like Ricoh USA,  offer month to month rentals.  My company, Digicor, Inc. has been offering no contract rentals for many years.  I’ve found that customers like renting because they aren’t married to the equipment.  Plus, rentals keep you from having to deal with the stringent requirements of leasing companies.

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