Don’t Believe the Salesperson’s Claim that parts are no Longer Available

How long copier parts are available for your machine is likely longer than you’ve been told.  I am regularly asked, “can you still get parts for my copier”?  My answer, the correct answer, is usually “yes”.   I always follow up with  “why do you ask”?  Virtually every time, the salesperson has told the customer that parts are being discontinued or are getting “hard to find”.   Copier Parts Availability is a lot longer than you are being told.

Copier parts Availability – 10 to 15 Years

Sales people are interested in selling or leasing new equipment. However, reps don’t have the slightest idea about the serviceability of your “old” equipment.  It’s convenient and easy for them to tell you that there is no copier parts avalability for your model.   You need to know that the question of how long copier parts are available is around 15 years.  Unless you have a model that was not very popular, its rare that parts aren’t available at 10 years.  Statements to the contrary are ploys to get you to spend more money.

Factory Authorized Dealers Don’t have an Interest in Servicing Old Equipment

Copier dealers are not interested in servicing old equipment.   Let’s face it, old gear breaks more frequently and most repair technicians aren’t familiar with old equipment.   The old is thrown out and the new is rushed in. That’s how our tech savvy society operates.   The solution may be to find an independent copier service company.   Sometimes you will get your best service from a reputable small service provider.   They have copier parts availability for older equipment. The big factory authorized dealers have sales quotas to fill and large overhead.  Their dealership exists only as long as they sell brand new machines.  Furthermore, the sales rep doesn’t get paid to give you good advice.

Old Equipment is Sometimes Perfectly Suitable for Light Duty Needs

Perhaps you don’t need anything more than your old tried and true copier. Sure, you may have to pay to have parts replaced and a bit of service. However, it may be more cost effective to fix the old one than lease or buy a new one. How long are Copier Parts available, may be the only concern about keeping your old copier.  If that’s the case, don’t be easily convinced that parts have been discontinued.  Call around until you are satisfied.  I would be happy to give you the truth about parts availability for your machine.

Don’t Be So Quick to Abandon Technology that Works for You

If you’re a small business, sole practitioner, small church or non profit, you may do best to save your money and spend a little more on repairs.  The paperless office is just around the corner for many businesses.  Still, for others paper consumption is being reduced in favor of online documents, mobile documents and the “cloud”.  Perhaps the newest equipment isn’t the necessity it once was. For you to lease or buy new equipment every time a sales person claims your machine is old, is just nonsense.   Search out small independent dealers.  In particular, find ones that have been around for many years.

Count on Small, Well Established Independent “Copier Dealers” To Get Parts for the Old Reliable Copier

Many of the smaller “non authorized” dealers have older former authorized dealer technicians as owners or service managers.    In fact, many of that type of company does less sales and more service.  It makes sense for the small business to work with other small businesses, in this case.   My company, Digicor, Inc. is precisely this type of firm.  We always give free advice and even try to fix problems over the phone.   Just like the big Authorized dealers, small dealers are also interested in profits.  However, the good ones are happy to service the older machines.   We offer service first, then we compare repairing the old with the cost of new or newer.   The replacement is a second consideration.  Unlike the sales rep, who has to sell equipment to get paid.

Summary of Copier Parts Availability – The Truth

Copier parts availability is seldom the problem.  Getting rid of pesky sales people is more of a problem.  High pressure sales tactics are sometimes disguised as honest answers. Consider the old and true joke; how do you know if a sales rep is lying?   If his (or her) mouth is moving.  Recognize that Parts availability is rarely an issue, unless you’ve got a machine made prior to 2002. Even then, we can get parts.

Some places you can try for copier parts

precision roller   – We are a vendor of their products and install all of their parts.   Call me before buying, unless you know you can install the part and its what you really need.

Yours Truly – contact us  – That’s right.  I wrote this post and own the site.  We are a small dealer, but we service old equipment at a fair price and do good work.

Ebay  – if its on Ebay and even if its not, I can get parts for most makes and models.  There are some exceptions, but the age usually has little to do with it.


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    1. While the point about dealers not being interested in buying back old equipment is true, a new copier is not always the best solution.
      Some of us repair equipment where others only seek to sell equipment. True repair technicians are hard to find. Many customers fall victim to misinformation about their present equipment. It often comes down to finding someone who puts the customer first, ahead of sales.

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