I’m not looking for somebody who is satisfied with just a job – I’m looking and hoping for future partners in my established business.  I’m ready to make the right person or persons’ future very lucrative.

Only Experienced Energetic Copier Sales Professional Wanted

Are you the right person to take sales and Digicor, inc. to the next level and beyond.  The deal is this; I’m not interested in hiring and training sales people with potential.  I want to hire the person that’s done well in the copier, MFP, printer sales and wants to become an owner.

It’s going to take hard work, but together, we can grow and prosper.  If you’re a sales hunter and enjoy finding the opportunities, working them (prospecting) and closing them, lets talk.

Imagine Playing a Major Role in Developing a Business You Can Own

I’ve owned this since 2000, have a happy, growing customer base that earns me a good living, but I want to exceed.   I need a younger version of myself to make this happen.  But, my goal isn’t to simply hire  sales people.  If you’re really good, you can get a job at a larger dealership, with better training and make more money initially, perhaps.

What you can’t get is genuine opportunity at ownership.  I’m not talking about a profit sharing plan. That’s common.  For an experienced high performing copier sales pro, I can offer an opportunity to own a piece of the action. But, I’m not just going to give it away. You will have to earn it through hard work and build trust.

If you feel you’re good enough to own your own business, because of your sales ability, and you are ready, let’s meet.  I’ve got an opportunity that you won’t get at Dex Imaging or Konica Minolta or Canon USA, Ricoh USA, Sharp Imaging, or any other established copier company.


It’s A Great Time to Make a Move For Your Future Business Ambitions

I am putting this out on the web, on my site that gets thousands of page visits, because I know the right person to partner with is out there, somewhere in Tampa Bay.

I’m not getting any younger, and one day, I’d like to retire.  The way I see it, I can have someone take over the business that is already a vested partner, I can sell it with a partner or I can continue to slowly build as I have been doing and sell it myself.

Right now, I am ready to take on a qualified partner so I don’t continue on a slow, steady growth path.  It’s a lot of responsibility for someone to take on – to come in and drive sales the way I know it can be done.  One the other hand, are you already driving sales for someone? Perhaps you’re doing well, making good money but based only on the past month’s sales.  You’re only building somebody else’s fortune, if you’re making a salary.

I was there, myself and realized I wanted more many years ago.   It’s fine for many people, but is it what you want?  Are you willing to sacrifice to build your future business?   I’m willing to give up part of what I’ve earned to build something that has huge value.

If You Need A Guarantee, Owning a Business Isn’t For You

If you want an opportunity to really make it big with me and own a piece of the action, you’ve got to take a risk, just like I do every day.   However, nothing ventured, nothing gained is true in any business I’ve ever owned or seen.

Here’s what you have to be willing and capable of bringing to the table:

  1. Sales prospecting – developing – closing ability
  2. Sales management skills – developing others to sell and motivating
  3. Team player attitude – You’ve got to fit in if you’re going to be my partner
  4. long term outlook – think 5 years.   It’s not that long to cash in on something great.
  5. Service oriented – customer driven. – We are a high quality service business. We do what we say and at a good price.  We grow through doing good business.

Here’s what I offer the right experience copier sales professional:

  1. Quality inventory and large Tampa Bay sales radius
  2. Quality Service backbone to support sales
  3. Excellent Lease rates for new and refurbished equipment
  4. High Commissions on extremely market competitive products and service plans.
  5. Company ownership buy in – A portion of your sales may go toward purchasing part of the business.  If you don’t want to own, I will discuss. But, my interest is in developing a partner and successor.
  6. Investment opportunity – It is not a requirement!  We can discuss this, depending on how much of the company you want to own.
  7. Integrity and Established reputation throughout Tampa Bay.
  8. Openness about my objectives and initiatives, so you can decide if what I offer is right for us and right for you.
  9. Plans to expand and add other offices, which means growth and improved value.

Summary – Copier Dealership Owner Opportunity

You’ve heard of sweat equity, haven’t you? I’m sure you have.  That’s part of what I offer. This isn’t a new business. I’ve owned Digicor, Inc. for nearly 17 years and we’re doing well.  What we lack is sales drive to really make it big.  I’m not willing to gamble on lazy sales people, so I will make ownership a real deal for the right person.

Ideally, you have money to invest down the road.  After all, I’m not just going to give you my business. However, I will make it so you can own a meaningful part if you’ve got the right stuff to grow the company’s value.

If you’re a self starter and can be your own sales driving force, let’s talk.  Tell me your goals and 5 year plan and lets see if our thoughts intersect.

I want to be clear that this isn’t just a normal copier sales position. I want and expect more. If you’re committed to having a great business future. contact me using the form below. Send me a resume or outline of your experiences and successes.

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