How is renting different than leasing?

Knowing the answer to this question may open your alternatives to a more flexible way of getting your copiers and having full maintenance included.

Knowing the differences explains the terms and conditions of each one, renting and leasing.

These are the main differences between renting vs. leasing:

    • Lease a copier is for a term and number of payments vs rental may be for a week, a month, month to month or a year
    • Leases on copiers are non-cancellable vs Digicor rentals are cancellable with only a 30 day notice required
    • Leasing copiers is usually zero down vs renting may require a deposit due to its “buy here, Pay here” nature  Digicor’s month to month rentals require a small delivery fee and last month’s payment as a security deposit..
    • Leasing copier allows you to get brand new equipment vs. renting copier printer is for refurbished and used equipment
    • Leasing a copier you may have the maintenance separate vs. copier renting the maintenance is always built in – All Digicor rentals have the maintenance and supplies as part of the rental, not a separate deal
    • Leasing copier printer requires tenure and credit established vs. copier printer rental will work great for even a new business or one with a sketchy credit history or one that scores high enough to qualify for a lease.
    • Lease copier is a financial contract. A salable asset like a stock vs. a copier rental, which is only for as long as the rental is renewed.
    • Leasing a printer does not allow immediate or flexible upgrades, unless you buy out the lease,  vs. renting a printer will provide flexibility. Digicor rentals allow for upgrade at any time without any penalty at all because they are entirely flexible
    • Leasing will require you to pay the tangible taxes on the equipment, which is tracked by the UCC form that the leasing company registers with the governing County / State.  vs. rentals typically do not.
    • Leasing is more similar to a mortgage, where the seller(copier dealer)  is paid the proceeds of the sale (invoice to the leasing company) up front and the consumer (lessee) agrees to repay the debt over a certain period of time.  Leasing is never simple interest.  There is no benefit for paying it off early, nor is there a discount for early payment.  In fact, it will cost more to pay a lease of early than it will to take it to the end of the lease period.  vs renting does not imply a debt.   Although a lease can be disguised as a rental, a genuine rental is not a financial instrument that involves an indebtedness beyond what has already accrued.   Digicor rentals are true rentals with a flexible and simple language that allows a 30 day cancellation notice for any reason at all.

How much do copiers cost?

For $499.00, I’ll sell you a brand new Samsung copy print scan fax machine.  It’s a table top, not very fast, but it gets the job done for a small office without the need for speed or serious paper flow. It’s pretty decent for what it is, and we can service it.  On the other hand, you can get a nicer commercial desktop with a lower cost per page, for around $800.00.  Still, little machines, these Sharps, Ricohs, Toshibas and Samsungs are affordable small office used all in one models.  We can help you determine if these smaller machines will do everything you want to do.

Okay, So how much do more serious copiers cost?

FAQs about printer scanners
How much do Copiers Cost? HMMM good question.

Now, this is a little easier, but not much.   $1500.00 will go pretty far in Odessa-trinity, Tampa Bay to get you a commercial copier from Digicor.  We can offer you a refurbished, low mileage 20-25 page per minute machine for $1500.00.  That’s a print, scan, Fax network copier that will last you several years and we will maintain under service contract.   For example, we have Toshiba eStudio 205se, 255se some Sharps, some Konica Minoltas that fit this scenario quite nicely.  On the other hand, you can get a lot of copier for under $3000.00 from our Odessa-Trinity based office warehouse.  That would be a 35-40 page per minute network copier printer scanner with a lot of choices.

An average use business makes 2,000-5,000 pages per month – A $3000.00 copier will be adequate and get you all of the features you need.   You can spend $4200.00 and get one of this years or last years models with a few pages on it.  If you need color, add about $1000.00 dollars to the number to get a comparable machine.   At Digicor, we offer both new and used equipment.  Used equipment can be either almost new, 3 years old or up to 5 or 6 years old.   It depends on the model, the condition and the soundness of the manufacturers technology and reputation of the subject machine.   Copiers can be complicated and the purchase of one can get you in trouble if you are led the wrong direction.

In a Nutshell, how much do copiers cost?

Our sales mostly range from $2000.00 – $9000.00.  We are unusual in that regard.  The large dealers average much higher on the lower end and much higher on the upper end.  Remember, we sell and service several brands, both new and used, both color and black and white.  All print, scan, copy…many fax too.  We have brand new A4 Okidata color models for $under $3,000. Okidata high speed A4 black and white for $1800.00.  It’s just a tough question to answer sufficiently without knowing the specific requirements.

Digicor, Inc. Pasco offers New, used, refurbished equipment from Sarasota to Citrus county. We have a try before you buy program that allows you to see what works for you at no cost to you.  At Digicor, w believe in ourselves and want you to get the most for your dollar invested.

Interested in leasing costs?   read our FAQ on how much to lease a copier?

How much is a copier lease?

Copier lease payments through our company ranges from about the monthly cost of a cell phone plan ($69.00) to hudreds of dollars each month.   If you need a desktop copier in Tampa Bay, we can set you up with some nice ones for less than $75.00 per month.

How much is a copier lease – a more specific answer

Digicor has done more than a handful of leases between $99.00 and $139.00.   It doesn’t matter if a customer wants Sharp, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Okidata or Ricoh.   We can fit a lot of copiers into that price range.  Our refurbished non color equipment offers some great choices for $99.00 in mid range, fully featured laser systems.  All come with our 36 month warranty when coupled with our cost effective service contracts.   Service is another cost consideration, but that’s in another FAQ…how much is copier service?

Yet another important factor is color.  Do you need color?  It’s worth investigating.  It’s a broader topic, but we have this years color copier models on closeout for $129.00 per month on a 5 year lease.  A 39 month lease will bump that up to about $179.00. Still, we are have some of the lowest price offerings in Tampa Bay, and guarantee our prices for similar local deals.

Your lease cost will depend on a number of factors

  • How long will the lease be? The longer the lease, the lower the payment  – it should be balanced out.
  • What is the value of the equipment after discounts?  This is the basis for calculating lease costs
  • Is service in the lease or kept separate? – advantages to each. a conversation for questions.
  • New or refurbished? Generally, used gear is lease for 36-39 months maximum.  New goes up to 5 years.
  • Buyout options?  You will pay a premium for a $1.00 buyout option, but it could be a good idea…it depends.
  • If you are rolling an old lease into the new one, you are paying interest on interest.  A consideration and lease factor.
FAQs about printer scanners
How much do Copiers Cost? HMMM good question.

Digicor, Inc. Pasco offers New, used, refurbished equipment from Sarasota to Citrus county. We have a try before you buy program that allows you to see what works for you at no cost to you.  At Digicor, w believe in ourselves and want you to get the most for your dollar invested.

Want to calculate your own lease payment? We can give you some guidance to doing that if you’ll give us a call and ask how calculations for copier lease payments are made. We will show you how to calculate how much is a copier lease.

Should I lease or purchase my next copier ?

Many of the benefits of a lease without the long term committment

If you have plenty of cash to comfortably afford writing a check for the right equipment, buying the copier or printer scanner keeps you free from debt. Since leases are non-cancellable, you need to consider that a lease is a repayment commitment. A low payment, achieved by leasing is appealing. However, be realistic about the repayment term (lease term). Consider that once you spend your money on a purchase, its spent. On the other hand, once you sign up for a lease, there is not a way you can escape the lease contract without a great deal of expense and hassle. So, cash purchase will give you freedom that you give up when you sign a lease, but a lease allows you to pay as the equipment does its job. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice when weighing out should I lease or purchase. Digicor offers both options, plus a much more flexible rental altenative.

Frequently asked question
Hmmm, smart question

Leasing advantages besides keeping your cash in your pocket

  • Write off each lease payment as opposed to depreciating the purchase over time. Talk to your tax advisor about this.
  • May be able to acquire equipment more suitable than what you can afford to purchase outright
  • Leasing allows for you to pay for the equipment as it benefits your business, much like an employee.

Cash purchase keeps you out of repayment obligation

Should I lease or purchase has a lot to do with your feelings on being in debt and playing by someone else’s repayment terms. Specifically, you should be aware of the following aspects that are terms on most leases:

  • What is the documentation fee? – your sales rep should tell you about this. all leases have a one time fee. Usually this is between $75.00 and $199.00, billed with the first month lease payment.
  • Doc Stamp fees on the “loan”. It’s kind of like a mortgage on a house. These are non negotiable costs.
  • late fees – Usually $35.00-$50.00 if you’re late with your payment. Make sure you’re ok with this.
  • Trade up – trade in – know and understand the terms. Trading up will involve rolling the remaining payments into a new lease when you trade up. The amount you paid in is an expense, not an asset. You don’t have any value in your leased equipment, only what its worth for your use. Trading up or trading down is not a good proposition. If your balance of payments is $3000.00, for instance, add it into the negotiated cost of the new equipment before you calculate your new payment. You are best to ride out the lease, unless your dealer relationship has let you down to the point you can’t continue using the equipment. In that case, you need to speak to someone outside of the leasing company and the copier dealership you got the equipment through.

Perhaps, we can help you sort it out. Give us a call at 813-901-5666