Document Scanners

Scanners, like copiers, come in all shapes an sizes.  Sometimes, an office depot style scanner will work for you.  Other times, you need something robust for business.  The Types of Scanners we offer at Digicor are of the beefy, robust type.  Try 80 ipm (images per minute) for example.  That’s typical for the Canon scanners in our inventory.  These hold a full ream of documents for digitizing and are capable of duty cycles of many thousands of pages per week.

Why Would I Need to Rent Scanners?

Suppose you have several or many boxes of documents that you would like to get rid of.  Let’s face it; they are a fire hazard, they are a breeding ground for insects and they take up a lot of valuable space.  However, you can’t just throw them out.  You may need them for reference, proof or historical record.  So, how about converting them to digital format?  Simply run them through a high speed scanner which converts them to PDF form or some other format you prefer to use and have the data in.   Make them computer retrievable and have the paper documents done away with. Shred them or have them shredded.

Scanning takes time for large volumes, file cabinets full or multiple record boxes with stapled papers.  That’s why a high speed, high volume document shredder, rented just for your project makes sense.

Scanners For Weekly Rental

Digicor rents scanners in Tampa Bay.  Frequently, our scanner rentals are based on weekly needs. Law firms, short term scanning projects and temporary offices, typically require the use of a document scanner. We are one of the few companies that will deliver, set up, demonstrate and fully instruct your personnel on use of one or more of our high speed scanners.

Let us customize a scanner rental for your need or project

Perhaps you just need a Canon Scanner DR-7050 for three or four days.  That’s right in our wheel house.   Give us a call or use the form on the right and let us know your project dates and specifics.  We can email you or call you with a quote or questions to help us serve your needs better.