Let Google Ratings Be Your Guide To Find Quality Service

If you’re shopping for a service provider, contractor, handyman or technician,  choices abound.  How do you decide who to trust to give you a fair price and a quality outcome for your project at hand?   Right off the bat, some important characteristics you and most of the rest of us think of are:

  1. Proximity – Local closeness to our location
  2. Stated rates – free estimates, flat rate vs. cost per hour
  3. Advertised Specials – ad appeal
  4. Advertised expertise – name brands, common work done, pictures of work
  5. How soon can they get there – When can they start?
  6. referrals. recommendations – use Google ratings to shop for service. friends can recommend people they have used

The above short list are all important considerations, but don’t overlook opinions of users.  The best referrals may come from people you don’t know from Google ratings.

Google Ratings Tell You Who is Really Doing Quality Work

How do I know this?  It’s quite simple really.   I follow my own company’s Google ratings and comments from my own customers.  Plus, I make it a point to leave positive feedback ratings if somebody truly gives me great service.  If its average work for the money, I usually don’t leave feedback. On the other hand, if the service and workmanship is crummy, I make it a point to leave a low rating.  People that read ratings I leave, can be confident I say what I mean and mean what I say.  In fact, you can read Google rating comments and tell when someone really had a great experience.  For instance, my comments aren’t one liner cookie cutter statements.  Nor are the statements of others,  where intelligent people had a truly satisying service experience.

People Who Do Quality Work Strive for High Google Ratings

Why is this important?  It has to do with taking pride in one’s work and building a well earned reputation.   For example, a service technician who enjoys his or her job and is proud of the work they do, wants to please customers.   Take Mike Evers,  my right hand man.  Mike’s truly a likable, well humored, professional who happens to be a very skilled copier printer technician.  What’s more is that he actually loves being a copier technician and working for me and his customers.  Our customers say great things about us, but not because of me.  It’s Mike that makes the difference and causes customers to rate us 5.0 on the Google rating.   Here’s the thing, our 5.0 Google rating 18 times out of 18 comments, is well earned because Mike’s customers love him and I treat my customers fairly when it comes to value.   That is why Google ratings work.  Mike even asks customers to give us a review.  He has no control over the ratings other than the work he does and how well customers think of him and my company.  For that reason, people’s comments and Google ratings are an invaluable referral source for you.

Why Bigger Companies Don’t Always Have High Google Ratings – Why Bigger is Not Always Better

Large companies exist because they are successful at producing large amounts of income. That means they have large sales forces, perhaps a good product, nationally recognized brand names and a superior marketing presence.   That may be a simplified explanation of why big companies are big, but in the copier printer business that’s pretty accurate.   Do they offer superior service?  Not necessarily.

Smaller Companies Often Rank Higher on Google Ratings Than Larger Competitiors

I have the advantage of 30 years experience in the copier printer industry, so I’ll give my insights and how they relate to Google Ratings.   Years ago, Danka aka Gulf Coast Business Machines, was a force in the copier industry.   The company was started by Dan Doyle in Clearwater.  I met many people in the 80’s that spoke highly of Mr. Doyle and knew him personally, having had him in their office and got to know him personally, but that’s beside the point.   Danka grew from a small local office in the 70’s to a global enterprise by the year 2005 or so.   Danka eventually imploded and was sold off to Konica Minolta, but before that happened, I expect the quality of the product, service and customer satisfaction had long before that reached a plateau and dropped.

Important Comparisons Between Company Size and Service Quality

You see, when companies grow, the goal often changes from providing personal service to making tons of money and then to surviving as a behemoth.  Ultimately, customer service suffers and gets lost with the struggle to grow and maintain.  If you look at Google ratings for my company, Digicor, inc. aka copierprinter.com  and compare it to say, Dex Imaging, a giant in the copier printer industry, you will find my little company doesn’t compare.  You may be surprised to know that we don’t compare because our Google ratings are perfect 5.0 and Dex Imaging, a nearly 350 million dollar company doesn’t rate highly at all.   Does that mean that we give great service and Dex doesn’t?

You’ll be the final judge, but I believe the answer is yes.  How can that be? We are but a small office and Dex, as well as other large companies are huge.  Fair enough.  Remember, a large company has to move fast and may not spend adequate time with its customers.  More importantly, small companies also are likely to have much better coverage per customer served.  For instance, if a company is 1% the size of another in terms of technicians but has only 1/2% as many customers, that means the smaller company has 1/2 as many customers per technician.   Can you see how the later ratio benefits the customer?   That is just one reason attributable to larger companies having lower customer satisfaction and thus lower Google ratings.

Good Rankings Are A Vote For Or Against Company Service and Product Quality

Next time you’re looking for something on line, pay special close attention to Google Ratings for the companies you thing you might like.  I recommend making your selection based on what others say, not what they say.   I like my company, Digicor, Inc.  That said, I am biased, naturally.   Don’t trust that an ad tells the truth.  They may or they may not.  Instead, read reviews where applicable.  Find out what their customers say about them.

If you happen to have a copier, printer or scanner that needs some repair or help in Tampa Bay, I will be glad to give free phone help, advice and even a free estimate if necessary.   By the way, next time someone does a great job for you, take five minutes and write that person or company a nice, well thought out Google review.   They will appreciate it and others will be able to share in your pleasant experience and fine the source that will help them with their own problem.

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