Konica Minolta C284
Konica Minolta Bizhub C284 in basic form, shown with an internal stapling finisher, standard two paper drawers and optional large capacity drawer.

Konica Minolta C284 Review

The Konica Minolta  C284 is a mid size color mfp.  With a 28 page per minute print / copy in either color or black and white, the C284  should be adequately fast for most mid volume users.   I’ve found the Konica Minolta C284 a very solid feeling machine.   From its stout standard document feeder, to its optional dual sided, dual scanning feeder, this copier printer gives confidence to its user.   When running scans through this machine, I felt as though it wouldn’t ever jam up.  It is exceptionally smooth, quiet and aesthetically pleasing to look at, for a copy machine.   The paper drawers, while plastic as most are, don’t feel paper thin.  They slide in and out easily and seem well made, compared to some machines where one gets the feeling that they ran out of plastic during manufacturing.   The display panel is large and easy to read, with nicely laid out led, touch sensitive controls to select options and modes.   As it should be, the Konica Minolta c284 display panel is rather intuitive for basic tasks and programming.  While the well lit Let display appears part of a modern Jet fighter, it takes far less training to use the machine than one might expect.

Konica Minolta C284 – Features and usefulness

Konica Minolta has produced well featured copiers for as long as I’ve been in the business.  The Bizhub C284 is no exception.   It has many standard features that make it a good choice for many offices.   Some of our favorite features are as follow:

  • Pivoting Display Led Panel   – makes it easy for both short and tall users to adjust for easy reading and use without much effort
  • Automatic on – energy saver wake up –  The first time I walked by the machine and it came to life I was astounded.  The Konica Minolta C284 turns on when a user walks up to it.
  • Dual scan feeder – An option we’ve had on several of our inventory models, its slick.  The documents are scanned on both sides simultaneously.  This eliminates the need for the copier’s feeder to flip the original to copy or scan the second side.  It reduces errors due to Jamming and brings the scan speed to 160 images per minute.
  • Standard Print, scan, copy  with optional fax  – although this is pretty standard, its worth mentioning that the C284 has it all.   The standard scan to PDF can be enhance to scan to searchable text PDF.   This is a nice option and eliminates the need for stand alone software to OCR the text in documents.
  • Finisher options – We love the internal stapling finisher.  It doesn’t take up any space at all and allows stapling and offsetting of documents.  The booklet finisher is nice, but not as likely to be a hit for the C284 and C224.   This is because those two models are not as likely to be in booklet creating environments as a faster model would be.  The stand up finisher is also nice, but we like the internal finisher for offices where space is at a premium.
  • Standard Duplexing – This is almost a given with modern copiers.
  • Paper supply – with a standard two drawer, universal configuration, the Konica Minolta c284 can have thousands of pages added to its capacity.  This is simply done by adding large capacity paper drawer, up to 4 paper trays, and or a large capacity feeder bin.

Konica Minolta C284 – Quality

The Bizhub c284 produces, in our opinion, one of the finest reproduction prints of any color copier mfp on the market.   The colors are vivid and  smooth and not grainy.  The machine itself is without a doubt better built than other competing models.   Even to roll the machine across the floor, it is heavy.   That is to say, it’s solid and not all throw away parts.   The machine is modular, from its consumable replacement down to it’s accessories.  All in all, this is a technician’s dream, making it also a user’s dream.   These are very well built copiers, made by Konica Minolta.   For a color / black and white hybrid, the C284 is a tough act to follow.

Konica Minolta C284 – Interface

The interface between a network browser and a digital copier MFP is important.  To the IT professional, this may be as important as the other features, if not more so.  The Bizhub C284 has a very usable and intuitive http interface.   For programming and specifying network protocols and addresses, the Konica Minolta interface is very well laid out.   From the perspective of the technician servicing the equipment, a clear, concise interface allows remote log in and avoids service calls.  The Konica Minolta C284 does indeed have a technician and user friendly interface.   Although only power users will likely ever see the interface, it is functional for those users.  Apple McIntosh users will benefit from the standard Post Script 3 compatibility, right out of the box.   Konica Minolta has always designed copiers to work with multi-platforms.  The c284 is no exception.

Pricing – Konica Minolta C284

Many new and used copier dealers offer the Konica Minolta C284 as refurbished or used.   The C284 was replaced by the C284e and is no longer in production or offered as new. In my opinion, the value of the Bizhub C284 as a refurbished machine is one that should be considered.  Digicor, Inc. in Tampa Bay, Florida has the C284 and other models from the same product family in stock.   Digicor, inc. offers the Bizhub C284 with low mileage and refurbished to operate as new from $149.00 on a 39 month lease.

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