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 C6500 Pro Series Service

Konica Minolta C6500 Pro Repair by experienced pros.

I’m practically a fixture in the copier industry, having jumped into it in 1984.   I’ve been an owner for most of the time since and  I’ve always been a hands on pro with service on  my mind and sales in my blood.  One thing I’ve learned over and over is that the large companies in the industry put the fear into customers that have the only solution. They insist only a factory authorized giant can repair what they sell.  The fact is,  in my small independent company, Digicor, inc., we have a better track record of happy, satisfied customers as a percentage of overall customers.  It’s true, absolutely.   We have commitment and dedication to doing a good job at a fair price for each of our customers. We take that to another level by providing quality, professional repair service on Konica Minolta C6500 Pro copier printers.

Konica Minolta c6500 pro copier owners now have another choice!

Do you have A Konica Minolta C6500 Pro copier that needs maintenance and repair?  You may be like many other Konica Minolta C6500 Pro owner who had been serviced by Dex Imaging or Konica Minolta in Tampa Bay.   Those two large companies provide most of the Konica Minolta service in Tampa Bay and beyond.   That doesn’t mean they are the only ones that can do the repair of Konica Minolta C6500 Pro models.  Digicor can help you!  We have been servicing the business model copiers since 2000, leasing and servicing Konica Minolta MFP models and others.   We had received several calls from Konica Minolta owners looking for per call service on their C5500 C5510 C6500 and C6501 Pro Series “press” machines.   Initially, we weren’t sure we wanted to become involved, but jumped in to service a few of these larger Konica Minolta C6500 Pro series machines. Now we prefer to service these over many of the standard business Bizhub C series models.

We listened to the requests for Pro Series service and decided to help

Once we performed a couple of PMs on Konica Minolta c6500 pro models, we learned three things

  1.  These Pro series machines are utterly simple for us to work on, given our etensive experience with the smaller color bizhubs.
  2. The Konica Minolta C6500 Pro (C6501 too) is one of the best running, most well designed copiers we have ever seen
  3. There really is a need for a reliable, lower cost alternative to Dex Imaging and Konica Minolta for these popular print shop m
    Konica Minolta c6500 Pro
    Bizhub C6500 shown with all the accessories. We fix these machines at a cost that’s less than factory authorized Konica Minolta dealers.

Some Examples of our services performed on Konica Minolta C6500 Pro copiers:

Drum replacement – This could be a single drum or a complete set of 4, always with new cleaning blades.  You can chose from Original Konica Minolta drums or quality competitive replacments.  Fuji and other companies make compatible parts that provide substantial savings. Some have similar yields.  We will gladly discuss the options.

Developer replacement – Our skilled technician will thoroughly vacuum out the old developer, replace and calibrate the new developer to the machine.

Transfer Belt replacement –  If you’re not clear whether you have a belt that needs replacement, as with all other areas of repair, we will show you the condition of the belt and help you to make a determination.   Some things should be replaced at certain intervals, but some may last longer. The transfer belt cleaning unit is an integral part of this component that must also be replaced from time to time

General troubleshooting –  For our seasoned “Konica Minolta” technician, he can figure out just about anything that goes wrong with a Konica Minolta copier.  We’ve got the necessary service and parts manuals for reference and we know our trade.   For only $119.00 per call per hour, we can usually access everything we need to do to make your machine run properly.  That may be the best $119.00 you ever spent.

Clutch and Roller replacement – If you’ve got paper feeding problems, your problem is probably here.  We will figure it out and quote you a rate to replace all the rollers that feed the paper that’s jamming up.

Fuser rebuild – A happy fuser goes a long way to creating a good output.   A worn out fuser will cause you more problems than you can stand.   We know how to restore your fuser to perfect operating potential.

This list is just a basic list of common preventive maintenance areas and problem areas that crop up through regular usage.   Each of the areas has separate components and life expectancies that we use for comparison and guidance in making our recommendations for repair.  The fact is, all copiers have similar components such as these.   The best part is the quality of the Konica Minolta c6500 pro / c6501is such that they don’t have as many quirky problems as many other models have.

How much is a full PM?  Including fuser rebuild, a full pm will cost you around $3800.00.   That’s all new developers, drums, blades, transfer belt and cleaning unit, full fuser rebuild.  Add in feed tire kits and document feeder kit and  the $4000.00 mark is surpassed. But that will allow you to make a lot more money with your machine and its cheaper than a good used one and certainly cheaper than a reasonable down payment on a new one.

Our objective is to fix things that you want fixed and provide a fair assessment of what really needs repairing right now and then into the future.

Call Digicor at 813-901-5666 for Konica Minolta c6500 c6501 repair.




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