Kyocera 306ci Color MFP – A Stand Out Among Many Choices

Since the paperless office isn’t hurrying to arrive as the de facto standard, we all still have documents to print.  On the other hand, we’re all working to scan and digitize our paper docs into pdf, tiff and optically recognizable text format.   Then, there’s those of us who are a bit behind.  We still use faxing to transmit documents.  Naturally, we embrace color for its attractive, stand out appeal for marketing and customer presentations. Kyocera 306ci Color MFP seems to warrant consideration.

With all of those characteristic functions, our business offices could use a full color all in one that’s priced right. Couldn’t we?   Well, that’s not so hard. At least not when you consider the number of machines that do all that and more.  However, it’s the last part that presents the biggest challenge when its time to shop.  Really, its about value.  We want a business capable color MFP,  one with all the bells and whistles available  (but only if we need all of them).  Let’s look at Kyocera 306ci color mfp, shall we?

Kyocera 306ci color MFP – A Solution for Both Windows and Apple Users

Indeed, the Kyocera got it right by not leaving out an entire group of businesses.  Apple has become more prevalent in businesses of all kinds. Thus, its no longer wise to exclude Mac users.  the Kyocera 306ci includes standard postscript 3 language (required for Mac and Apple devices).   In addition, standard AirPrint is built right in.  That’s really special if you’re looking to print from your Apple mobile devices.  You would think that would be standard on all devices, but it’s not.  Yet, Windows customers and Apple customers can all use the same MFP harmoniously because Kyocera got it right!

Kyocera 306ci Color MFP Concessions

Everybody”s got them because nobody has a machine that meets every need and meets the right price point for every group.

  1.  A4 maximum size.  This means you can’t print, copy or scan 11 x 17 paper.  Max size is legal 8.5 x 14″.
  2. Cost of operation higher (only slightly) than larger A3 size MFPs.
  3.  It’s simply lighter duty that the big ones.

That’s a pretty short list of “drawbacks”.  In fact, I wouldn’t say these are drawbacks unless you require 11 x 17 copies and make oodles (like more than 10,000  pages per month every month).   If you print that much, there are better choices, but its going to cost you to go another route.  The Kyocera 306ci color mfp is simply great at doing what it does at a great price tag.

Kyocera 306ci color MFP Warranty

It’s got a 3 year warranty through Kyocera!  What that means is all parts, not labor is covered for 36 months.  Now, that’s something that gives confidence.  You should consider buying locally if you want the warranty to be honored by anybody who cares. Kyocera, like most companies has a warranty that will only be as good as the company who supports the machine.   That simply means, don’t assume if you get the bottom basement price from an Amazon or Ebay seller, you will get satisfaction when it breaks. Be forewarned.

Lease a Kyocera 306ci for only $79.00 per month

Our customers can get Kyocera 306ci lease for only $79.00 per month.  That’s a nicely equipped one with internal stapling finisher, and internal fax, 2nd 500 sheet paper drawer and free standing, integrated cabinet.   The Air Print, Postscript, Apple compatibility and amazing color are all standard, as is the document feeder.

For $99.00 per month you can shorten the lease to 36 months, or 39 month lease to own, for the same gear as described in the previous paragraph.  Digicor, Inc will deliver and set up the Kyocera 306ci on your network at no additional cost.  That only applies to our Tampa Bay customers.  We simply don’t sell where we can’t offer service. Service is our main business.  Sales and leasing is a necessary secondary offering. Go to our main page (note our banner ad for Kyocera 306ci)

Kyocera 306ci Color MFP – Where to Buy?

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area. That is: Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando and Sarasota counties, Digicor, Inc. is a great choice.  Call 813-901-5666 and I will personally answer all of your questions and help you compare pricing.  My name is Eric Klee and I own Digicor, Inc.   And, yes….. I really think the Kyocera 306ci is a super nice product and I would sell one to my own dear mom if she were in business.

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