Lexmark and Hewlett Packard, HP to most people, are two of the most popular printers found in businesses.  If we’re splitting hairs, HP is actually most popular, but Lexmark is a much respected competitor in the field.  My firm, a Tampa Copier dealer services company, Digicor, Inc., can extend the life of your Lexmark Hewlett Packard Printer Repair.  That is, we recommend and perform preventive maintenance, so your printer doesn’t quit when you need it most.  Then, its almost certainly destined for the trash heap and recycling.

One of the evolutions in Lexmark Hewlett Packard printers over the years is a movement to nylon gears and less durable components.  This is especially true in the inkjet, deskjet style of home office printers and is also a common cheapness on the low end laser printers.  Despite that fact, Lexmark and Hp make an outstanding middle and upper market segment line of laser printers.  Albeit, some of the sub $400.00 machines are not adequate for heavy office usage for long.

Advice for purchasing Printers for the business office or other heavy use environments

First, don’t purchase inkjet printers unless you are fine paying bazillions for ink replacements.  HP, Lexmark and others practically give away these full color ink guzzlers so that you have to buy the ink again and again.  Rather, consider a laser printer.  The operating cost and longevity of the printer will more than pay for the increased cost over cheaper ink based printers.

If you don’t need color, consider forgoing it altogether.  I realize that’s contrary to what you’ve learned, however, the increased cost of both ownership and operation for color is muli-fold compared to monochrome (plain black).  If budget is a concern, you will be further ahead to spend your money on a better quality, plain Jane black, than a substandard cheapo.   For a compromise on a printer budget, consider a monochrome HP l.aserjet or Lexmark laser and a very inexpensive inkjet color machine.   the inkjet color printer should be used only for proposals, not marketing materials.  The monochrome should be used for the bulk of the real work.

In the beginning of a business, the need to cut corners to get started may exist.  Consider anything you buy in the beginning, while on a bootstrap, throw away.  This is particularly true if you’re spending a few hundred dollars on your printers.  Chances are they will only last you a few months, but will serve their purpose in helping you get up and running, so you can invest more into the second round of replacement printers.

I strongly recommend Lexmark and Hewlett Packard laser printers.  Recognize the difference between laser printers and copier printer MFP models. The HP and Lexmark style of MFPs are not tier 1 or even tier 2  as MFPs that print, scan and copy.  Therefore, for heavy use MFPs, you need to look to mainstream copier companys such as Sharp, Toshiba, Konica Minolta or Ricoh.   If you just need a laser printer, I would suggest an HP or Lexmark every time.  They are universally accepted and companies like copierprinter.com, owned by yours truly, performs Lexmark Hewlett Packard printer repair.  So do many other companies.

Lexmark Hewlett Packard Printer Repair Usually a Worthwhile Undertaking

What makes Lexmark and Hewlett Packard printers particularly attractive isn’t just that they work well.  Laser printers and MFP models from these two manufacturers tend to be worth fixing.  That is, they don’t cost an arm and a leg to repair when compared to their purchase price.  I suppose I could simply say, you get what you pay for.  On the other hand, that wouldn’t put as fine a point on the subject of repair ability as is needed here.  If you want something more than a throw away laser printer or MFP, HP and Lexmark are a wise choice.

Buy Lease or Rent Laser Printers That Can be Repaired

Even the best brand names, such as Hewlett Packard (HP) and Lexmark make toyish models that can’t be repaired economically enough to bother. So, its more important that you chose printer models that are worthy of future repairs.   This is one of those areas where the ever true statement, “you get what you pay for”, comes into play.   Generally, if you spend more than $600.00 on a monochrome laser printer, it will probably be worth repairing when it comes time.

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If you’re in Tampa Bay, there are many Tampa Copier Dealer Services to call for your repair needs.  As owner of Digicor, inc. for 17 years, I hope you will call us with any questions or thoughts you have about choosing or repairing a printer.  Individual needs come first with us and we won’t tell you wrong, just to make a few bucks.


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