Lexmark MX410DE impressive – for a new MFP under $500 bucks

At 40 pages per minute, this little desktop all-in-one has got to be one of the best picks around.   I generally don’t get excited about pseudo commercial lasers.   While I’m not ecstatic about selling a low margin commodity, I give the Lexmark MX410de impressive reviews out of the box.   First, it looks absolutely as cute as can be.  Picking it up, it weighs about the same as an HP laserjet 4250 laser printer.  Feels like weight is about 75 lbs., but in actuality its less.  It’s just solidly built for what it is.   Like all small MFP  A4 models, this isn’t going to be much fun if you’re printing 20,000 pages per month.  Lexmark MX410de impressive as it is, isn’t going to do 80,000 pages per month.  Although Lexmark states 80k as the monthly duty cycle.  I know better.  If you’re doing 1,500 pages per month and don’t need a full size floor model, the Lexmark MX410de should be on your short list of choices. MX410de retails for around $850.00 and I can sell it for $479.00 for the time being.  With small MFP models, the products change frequently.  What I can say about Lexmark is they build a powerhouse of a little machine for not a lot of money.  That’s more than I can say for my favorite copier lines like Sharp, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba, Kyocera and some other big names.   Lexmark has made their mark in printers.   All they make are printers and MFPs.   I wouldn’t recommend their $10,000 model, but then I’m biased toward the real copier manufacturers on big machines.  Fact is, they make a great MFP that substitutes pretty well for a commercial all-in-one.   I am amazed at how many Lexmark MFPs are out there and still running strong after 5 years or more in heavy conditions.  Truly impressive.

So what makes Lexmark MX410de impressive – besides the price tag and size

Lexmark received a high recommendation from buyers lab for their mfp product line in 2013.  Buyers Lab is an independent source for rating copiers and printers, much like consumer reports is for cars and appliances.

The fact that Lexmark makes supply cartridges that last for this one is a biggy, for one.   The long life toner cartridge is listed at 9,000 pages, based on a 5% yield.   Suppose you get only 1/2 that amount because you have density of 10% per page.  Still, for $149.00 you can get a replacement from yours truly at Digicor, inc.   Lets recognize that a $500.00 mfp isn’t going to be nearly as cost efficient as a $3500.00 machine.  But this is a cheap alternative if you need to make copies, prints, scans and fax and still have a reliable machine for a few Benjamin Franklins.    Maintenance is almost non existent for people that will buy the Lexmark MX410de.   Other than a roller replacement to renew the rubber, an occasional tune up by your local techy guy and a helpful supplier, you’re in good shape.Lexmark logo

The Lexmark MX410de impressive because it duplexes both the original and the copied document

Many mfp desktop models only duplex print or duplex copy, with the inconvenience of having to reefed the original.  The Lexmark MX410de will duplex or double side both the original and the prinited document.  That means no time refeeding or errors because the operator feeds the second side the wrong way.  Nobody wants to waste time and start over and Lexmark got that right with the MX410de.

Why else is the Lexmark MX410de impressive?   It scans in color, its network ready with Ethernet connection as well as USB right out of the box standard.   Am I going to sell tons of them?  Probably not, because there is no room for profit in a sub $500.00 price tag.  On the other hand, my customers are important enough that I will supply them with one it this is the best thing to meet their requirements.   Just buy the cartridges from me, please!

Digicor, Inc. offers free setup and delivery for local Tampa Bay customers on the Lexmark Mx410de impressive laser MFP.

I’ll be happy to help you and answer your questions about this model or any of the other dozens of models that we sell, lease and service from Lexmark, Sharp, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kyocera, Okidata and more.

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