Permanent Repair versus Bandaid Rig Job – Adding Insult to Injury

I don’t know about you, but when I pay to have something fixed, I expect a permanent repair the first time.  Unless they tell me, “this is temporary until we come back”, there will be hell to pay if I find duct tape or an otherwise crummy bandaid rig job.

Our specialty at Digicor, Inc., Tampa copier dealer, is copiers and printers. So, lets focus on copiers and printers.

How many technical service calls should it take to fix a problem

Note, that fixing a problem, means actually fixing it right and proper.  What it doesn’t mean is doing what you can get away with as a technician.

My rule of thumb is this; if a copier or printer doesn’t require a part, it should be fixed on the first visit in less than an hour.  However, we have to be careful by assuming that just because the copier now works, isn’t displaying a code or making a grinding noise, its all fixed up.

Thats precisely why I am writing this post….many technicians and repair people fail to test and retest multiple times. They assume they worked some magic.

Beware of the magically disappearing problem that costs a service call

Never mind that the tech doesn’t even know what they did to fix the machine.  The jam is out, the noise is gone (at the moment) and the gremlins seem to have disappeared.  If your technician says the problem is gone, you may have no choice but to say OK.  However, you should get something in writing that says the technician will return at no charge if the noise returns.

Chance are very good that a permanent repair versus a bandaid rig job will require some parts.  In other words, its likely that something is worn, such as a gear or roller or rubber feed tire that caused the problem needing attention in the first place.

Ethical repair practices from the horses mouth

Even a good repair technician will get stumped every now and again.  It is ethical to tell a customer that you’re not sure what the problem is.  For example, our practice is to tell you that we’re unsure at the moment, but we are working on finding a solution.  If that means that we have to return tomorrow after consulting with some other experts or manuals, we say so.

No Repair that we Know of or Feel Comfortable With

Suppose the technician doesn’t feel she can repair the machine or doesn’t feel comfortable with the repair that is available.  This happens too.  Our policy and personal ethics guides our actions, such that we will tell you that we can’t repair it and why.  It’s not pleasant news, but is required when its the truth as we know it.  We, as technicians, owe it to you as a customer to give you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes is a matter of saying, I’m sorry, we’re not the ones for this job.  The old saying that says “fake it until you make it”, just doesn’t suit our style or ethics.  More importantly, the resulting temporary repair or rig job isn’t something that you should have to pay for.

How common is it that copier and printer technicians make only a temporary repair?

Its more common than you probably think.  Although, its impossible to provide anything more than anecdotal evidence to back up that claim, I assure you that rig jobs exist in extremely high numbers in the copier and printer business.

Copier companies have become spoiled with modern equipment. The copiers and printers are so reliable they sometimes don’t break for two or three years.  At that point, dealers are looking to replace any machines they can talk you out of, rather than repair what is perfectly serviceable and with much more life left in it.   The reason for this is profit, of course.

Most copiers, in particular, have a service contract on them.  this means the dealer is responsible to repair and replace parts as an included part of the agreement.  It also means the less repairs, the more profitable the dealer is, due to the fixed cost of the maintenance contract.  At some point, the dealer may decide he has put too much effort and expense into your machine, even though he made a bargain to service the machine.

Permanent Repairs versus Bandaid Rig Jobs – Summary

Things are not always as your repair person purports them to be.  Naturally, its difficult for a lay person to know if the wool is being pulled over your eyes, for something you know nothing about.  If you feel you have been a victim of a rig job, you probably have been.  In that case, you should seek out one or perhaps two other opinions from professionals.

My firm, Digicor, Inc., offers free repair estimates for machines not covered by a service agreement.  Even for those copiers and printers under contract, we will gladly listen to your story.  then, we can offer you an armchair quarterback’s opinion.  Sometimes, we can’t tell, but usually we can tell if somebody is simply incompetent or telling you a story to get you to upgrade your equipment.

Feel free to contact us, a Tampa Copier Dealer Services company at 813-901-5666.

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