Refurbished equipment service combination

Refurbished equipment service is invaluable. Without both equipment and service you could be down and out.  Broken equipment can leave you unproductive for days,  costing you opportunity and money. When you buy the equipment, buy the service and save time, hassle and money. Protect your investment! You need local responsive (quick & on time) servicing. THE EQUIPMENT IS only as good as the service! Imagine sending your copier out of state. Many people will buy their copiers on line and when something fails they scramble to a local vendor to fix it. Well, that doesn’t work so well. Most copier companies will not service other copy machines (Copiers purchased elsewhere). Why? One, they don’t know the defects from start to finish. Two, it’s not from their shop so why take on the hassles.

Refurbished copiers costs less than new, which makes it possible for small businesses with limited means to buy higher quality for less money. The main difference between “refurbished” and “used” products is that refurbished copiers and printers have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while “used” may or may not be defective. Refurbished copiers are the best alternative when “new” is not an option. In fact, research shows a healthy demand for used equipment, with nearly 70% of U.S. companies buying refurbished – and this trend is expected to increase.

Tampa Bay is covered with our service and customers love us. We carry New and Refurbished Equipment Services. When you have a need for Refurbished or New, today or in the near future please look us up. Find Us We are here to help.

FAQ Where can I get a copier and service?

If you are considering Refurbished Equipment Service is critically important!

If you are looking to Buy, Lease, Rent (short or long term) and find fast quality service we can help.

Digicor is only a phone call away 813.901.5666

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