Die hard laser printers are right there in your office.  In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes – and they all break eventually.  The question you are faced with  is do you fix it, or do you replace it?

You need to know the value of what you have so you can repair laser printers worth repair and replace the ones that aren’t.

Therein lies the problem.  How do you establish the value of a 7 year old laser printer?   Well, here’s what I wouldn’t do and you shouldn’t either – take a salesman’s word that your printer has seen its last day, given up the ghost or is not worth fixing.  Sales people do  just that…. they sell, they don’t fix, they don’t repair laser printers even when they are perfectly good.

In order to keep from spending too much money, and Repair only Laser Printers worth repairing,  here’s a helpful list to follow:

  • If you have a laser printer that’s served you well until recently, think of service first and ignore the irresistible sales pitch that says throw out the old printer.
  • Ask yourself,  is my laser printer a heavy duty model or is it a cheapo.  If your printer is heavy duty, call a local service company for a free repair estimate in Tampa Bay.
  • Even a $300.00 laser printer is worth a phone call to see if it just needs supplies and nothing major.  Shop google and find someone like my company, Digicor, inc. to give you a little phone assistance.  Tampa copier rental isn’t just a rental company.  They really are nice, helpful people who can give you a quick answer for just your time.
  • Whoever you deal with, demand a free estimate before doing any repairs.  If the first company doesn’t give free printer repair estimates, find somebody in your area who does.
  • Don’t believe that printer parts or supplies are no longer available unless you have confirmed that by calling copierprinter.com and talking to an expert.  Even if you’re not around Tampa Bay, we will give you answers at no cost, with the hope you will tell others about our integrity.
  • Finally, don’t ever feel pressured into replacing equipment.  You need options, so you should have them.  Know what the repair cost is and compare it to your needs, your growth and your own personal feelings about what’s best.  You are in charge, so get several quotes if you feel it necessary.

Repair Only Laser Printers Worth Repairing, But don’t Throw Away Perfectly Good printers

In summary consider a free repair estimate on your laser printer copier before just giving up on it.  The problem may have nothing to do with malfunction and everything to do with worn out supply drum or just some dirty parts.   Most large cities will have at least one local company, such as my company, Digicor, Inc. in Tampa Bay, who will give a free estimate.

Don’t be timid to accept a free repair estimate.  We offer this because its a form of advertising.  Even if we find your printer isn’t worth repairing, there are many others who pay us to fix their printers.  Then, if your laser printer isn’t worth fixing, we or someone like us in another city, will offer you replacement laser printer options.  The fact is, you have choices before you pull out your pen and sign a new lease or pay for a brand new laser printer…..before you need to do so.

If you would like information about printers, laser printers, copier printers or scanners and would like to talk to us, please call us at 813-901-5666.  We service all of Tampa Bay and Sarasota, but are happy to help anybody with a question.


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