Sharp Copier Review from the eye of an independent dealer

The Sharp Mx and Mx-M line of copiers are high on value, relative to cost.  In my opinion as a copier professional for nearly 30 years, Sharp MFP copiers offer the most bang for the buck.   What Sharp copiers do not have as their strength is the best value in table top MFPs. That is, Sharp simply does not offer much in the way of very small printer based multi-functional lasers such as Hewlett Packard, or better yet, Lexmark offers.   Sharp has just not focused on A4 size machines. For the company or workgroup needs that require only the smaller format, lower use based MFP, Lexmark, HP or Canon have wonderful products that I also offer through Digicor at great prices.

Sharp Copier Review from a standpoint of reliability and function

The Sharp record of awards speak to the credibility of the brand.  Go to the Sharp awards page and you can scroll through several pages of awards ranging from most reliable to pick of the year to highly recommended. These are all independent rating companies to the copier printer industry, by the way.  I would be remiss if I didn’t note that the other product lines that we offer also have awards. It’s not so noteworthy that Sharp stands out in the award category, as it is to realize that Sharp has these awards and still maintains very competitive pricing on the low end. In other words, a high priced model would be expected to be among the most recognized for quality. However, Sharp has and does receive accolades for many of their business line of copier MFPs, yet in an apples to apples comparison, Sharp delivers more bang for the buck in most cases.   From a practical perspective, I would put a Sharp Mx-m series product against a similar Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera, Toshiba or Xerox model of similar speeds and feeds and be confident the Sharp would perform comparably for less money than most, if not all of the above.

It’s important for our readers to know that we sell, service and lease new and used products from Lexmark, Okidata, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, as well as Sharp.  We are unbiased, in as much as we are not under any quota, restriction or contract to any of these manufacturers or to Sharp.  I have my own opinions based on many years of experience and the pricing we receive through our distribution channels, suppliers and remarketers of all of the products we have access to.   I have good things to say about many products on the market and offer alternatives of different manufacturers to best suit their own application and needs.  I sure do like the Sharp products.

To view some of the Sharp products in our current inventory, go to our Sharp products page.  There, you can click each link for a more detailed description.  For additional questions or to inquire about products not on our site, please give us a call.  We have availability of many models that we don’t list in our products page at deep discounts.

Digicor, Inc. is a Tampa Bay based small company. It’s owner and author of this post is Eric Klee, who has placed millions of dollars worth of copiers over the past 29 years and continues to be active as a buyer, sales person and service administrator in Digicor, as president and owner.

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