Sharp MXM354N impressions – Appearance, specifications, pricing and functions

As owner of Digicor, I am always on the look out for copiers and imaging products with a value proposition.   For me to have genuine interest in offering a product to customers it must be profitable at a bargain for the customer.   This isn’t always easy in the competitive landscape that copiers has becomeBLI2014highlyrecommended, so I am careful to pay close attention to features, wholesale pricing, functions and general feel of the product.   Sharp has come up with some winners that fit well into our own diverse offerings. Along with that, the Sharp MX-M354N impresses me as a best value.   I had an opportunity to purchase a rare used MXm354N, immediately following my purchase of the MXm264N, its smaller, yet very similar cousin.   Myself, my technician and our customer were all impressed with both of these right away.   These two models look identical and share most of the same parts, accessories and toner.   One customer leased both of them from me with service included.   Right away, I could see these are very attractive and well designed ergonomically.   They have a large touch screen display, comparable to the Konica Minolta Bizhubs and Toshiba eSTudio models we have in stock.   The color is an attractive, yet neutral brown and beige, similar to Ricoh’s new product line since 2012 or so.   In fact, they look very much like Ricoh products.  A similarity that isn’t so bad, given Ricoh’s reputation and fine products.   The system is reported by our technician, Mike Evers, to be quite simple to update firmware.  This is an important aspect for a technician and makes it more user friendly and desirable when the tech likes it.

BLI Sharp MXM354 award
BLI Sharp MXm354N award


Like most copiers these days, the Sharp MXM354N doesn’t skimp on plastic trim and parts – while that’s not particularly great sounding, it is simply an observation that is the trend with office electronics.   It is true that the Sharp MX-m354n is relatively lightweight, it feels sturdy and has a very smooth sound when operating.   while I would not put it above the Konica Minolta Bizhub 364 in quality, the Sharp can be had for a substantial amount less.  Knowing what I know, unless a customer is going to produce 50,000 pages per month, the more expensive bizhub isn’t likely to provide a better ownership experience.  That is, unless a customer requires a console model (full size) stapling finisher, which the MXm354n does not have as an option.  For most that will require the optional finisher, the internal stapling finisher offered by Sharp for the Mxm354n will perform adequately, while taking up no more space than the base machine itself.   The reason is that the internal finisher does not hang off the side of the Sharp as a console finisher does.  Thus, the Sharp MXM354N or the Sharp MXM264N as well as other internal finisher models, can fit in an space less than the width of a standard doorway.

The bottom line is price for a competitively placed high quality imager –

Forget about list price, because only a fool pays anywhere near msrp in this market.  The concern to most people is cash purchase or leasing.  Since lease rates are a function of the selling price, the Sharp MXm354N is a best buy in our book. Lets assume the base model which includes a reversing automatic document feeder, two paper drawers, network printing, network scanning and add the basic cabinet.   I can sell this machine for $4295.00, brand new and still make a “reasonable” profit. Even If I’m the lowest priced competitor, its a great deal at $800.00 more for the same machine.    The point is that brand new 35 ppm, full size digital network imagers just don’t come cheaper…err less costly.   You can lease one for around $140.00 bucks a month from my company, Digicor, Inc.  That’s a brand new model that scans at 50 pages per minute and even in color at that.   You’ll have to spend a bit more to get a full color copier, but we’ve got those by Sharp that are cost wise too.   Finally, figure about a penny a page for service and supplies on a full maintenance agreement and you’ve got a full program that will fit into any office and do the job that most offices require. So, for a little bit more than a really good cell phone program, you can get one of these babies in your office and have bragging rights for free.

In Summation, we recommend the Sharp MXM354N.   Digicor, Inc. carries multiple brands of copiers, imagers, Laser Printers and Network MFPs, which we service in the Tampa Bay area.   We are an independent and do not carry any quotas from manufacturers, such as a full line dealer carries.   We service what we sell and offer business leasing, cost effective service and professional, positive attitude to help our customers the best way we can.


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35-ppm MFP with 1200 dpi x 600 dpi (enhanced) output

  • 100 sheet reversing automatic document feeder
  • Large touch-screen Color LCD Display
  • Optional 500-sheet compact inner finisher
  • Standard 2 x 500 sheet cassettes and 100 sheet bypass tray
  • Standard Network Color Scanning
  • Standard PCL®6 printing language

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