Why Choose A Smaller Copier Dealer?

There are several reasons why choosing a small copier dealer makes a lot of sense.

The first criteria for small  dealer selection  – quality of service. Ongoing service is a requirement that no copier, without exception, will need. A smaller copier dealer places a higher value on the relationship of the customer, because it has to in order to grow and be successful. It is likely you will deal with the owner in a small copier company, such as Digicor, Inc., a well established and long tenured scanner copier small corporation. Smaller service companies tend to hire seasoned, well trained and experienced technicians from larger firms with greater training resources. Life is not so easy as a service technician for a big dealer. The larger dealer puts a much shorter leash on its service staff and requires a higher call volume, in order to keep its already high overhead down. So, the opportunity exists for the smaller, established dealer, to pick up talented technical help by offering a more friendly, less strict work environment and call schedule. This has been my experience in 25 years as owner – operator in the ever evolving copier business.
The second consideration for small copier dealer selection – value and options.

“Value” is not the same as low price, but that may be part of it. For example, suppose one company “X” offers “copier A” for $200 per month on a 60 month lease. Another company “D” offers you the same “copier A” for $240 per month. At first, it appears evident that $200.00 is the lower price and therefore, the better option. However, with copier sales and leasing quotations it is not immediately clear if this is an apples to apples comparison. Upon closer inspection, we determine that $240.00 per month includes 6,000 non-color pages per quarter and 1,000 color pages, a full maintenance agreement for the term of the lease and toner for the life of the lease. The $200.00 per month deal included only 3,000 black pages per quarter. It included 500 color pages per quarter, however the service was only offered on a 1 year contract that was not guaranteed, toner shipping was not mentioned as an extra charge and the salesman from company “x” failed to inform the customer of some very important facts about the lease, that was only determined after the rep with the “higher price” pointed it out in the fine details.  The customer was appreciative, having nearly made a costly oversight.  The smaller copier dealer who is well established takes pride in being thorough.

The third consideration for small copier dealer selection – flexible options and variety.

Every copier dealer offers leasing, straight out purchases and hopefully service contracts.  However, when it comes to the following offerings, the independent dealers provide more equipment options, greater copier finance choices and more flexibility for small businesses:

  • New and Refurbished copy equipment availability
  • Renting without contract versus leasing for a fixed number of years and months
  • Service plan including custom varied copies, prints, scans, color and non color – with the ability to change the plan without hesitation or penalty
  • Lease to own refurbished equipment at the best rates and terms


2 thoughts on “Smaller Copier Dealer Benefits”

  1. Month to month copier rental wasn’t mentioned in the post. Having to sign a multiple year is not what I wanted. These guys rent copiers month by month without a contract!

  2. I think you make a good point how leasing a copier is helpful since it provides flexibility for small business since there is a large variety of copiers to choose from. I’d imagine you would also see huge benefit in lower overhead costs which can help start-up businesses. Copier leasing is definitely something I’d consider if I were starting a business purely for money savings.

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