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The United States Crisis and Republican Hope for revitalization

It’s just too hard to stand by and watch, with a solitary vote to cast.   If you’re a small business person, you, much like myself, you are likely more concerned than the average citizen.  Not only concerned for yourself, but the overall health of the Economy.

You are likely a Republican if you own a business, having hopes that Donald Trump will take his place in the oval office.   What hope do we have for a revitalized economy, if not for Donald Trump to bring back industry.  Tax breaks and incentives to U.S. companies and increased trade barriers for imports are required.

Our “Allies” may not like it But The United States Needs to Stand Up for Itself

Donald Trump along with a strong group of republican advisors, I believe will not be pushed around and made to agree to deals that cost us our freedom and our economic fortune. Donald is right!  Why should we fight the worlds battles without financial support from our allies?   After all, a friend is not a friend if they simply send you off with a half hearted blessing to do the world’s dirty  work and fight for freedom independently.

Hilary Clinton would have us negotiate weakly in order to keep the peace, at the cost of mortgaging our future freedom.  On the other hand, Donald Trump is willing to stand up strong and negotiate the way we know he does in business. – Without outside influences, because he owes no political favors and could care less what people think that shouldn’t matter.

Return the United States to a position as an Industrial Leader and Manufacturer

Regardless of who is elected, we are going to be fighting terrorism for some time into the future.  Yes, we should restrict who comes into our country.  Yes, we probably need a wall in order to keep track of who comes in.  If nothing else, we show strength to our southern “trade allies”, Mexico, who really aren’t are allies at all.  They enjoy the fortune they are making off of the United States.  That’s it.

I suggest the real issues that have been clouded to a great degree and diminished this election, is our economic future.   The democrats have made this election about Donald Trump’s rudeness and lewdness, because they know the democratic party can’t and won’t win this election based on their plan’s economic merit, if they even have one {plan}.

If we continue to shell out welfare at an increasing rate to the non working people, without emphasizing work for pay (or handouts), the country is robbing from its rich who make this economy run only to give to those who take take take.

[tweetthis]Now is the time for U.S. Citizens to rally for a change agent, which is Donald Trump and his appointed advisors. We must seize this moment.[/tweetthis]

Reagonomics – Trumponomics – Bring Back Our Jobs Growth

Heck, just bring back our jobs.  McDonald’s and fast food aren’t real jobs.  We need steel production, Manufacturing, and we need to own it, right here, right now.  That isn’t going to happen under Hilary Clinton.   There is no guarantee that Trump can bring back industry, but he is the best chance we have.

Call it Reagonomics or Trumponomics if Donald is elected.  But one thing is for sure.  Jobs don’t come from welfare recipients.  Another thing; companies aren’t just going to start making products in the United States while its cheaper elsewhere.   Those companies need incentives – tax breaks, grants and some legislation that makes it more costly to go overseas with their jobs.   We need to be a little selfish with the rest of the world, if you want to call it that.

Our trade agreements need to be made to benefit the United States.  Donald Trump will make those agreements in our favor, just like the businessman he is, would do a business deal.  After all, this is business.  Good business will make the United States strong, but politics will only continue to weaken us.


This is my opinion as a small business owner.  I’m no politician and wouldn’t want to be.  I’ve been in the same business since August, 2017 and I’ve seen it get harder over time. I’ve seen less people willing to spend money and many businesses going under at an alarming rate, in the past 10 years.

[tweetthis]How much is enough when it comes to entire industries evaporating from our economy under democratic leadership.[/tweetthis]     It’s true this has been going on now since the 1970’s, but enough is enough.

I have a vision that is very grim if Hilary Clinton beats Donald Trump in this election.

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